My journey to becoming a painter

On my fith birthday I received a „Painting with Numbers“ present. When the painting was finished, I knew then, that that was my future – a painter

How would I describe my painting process to an observer?

Over the years my process has changed many times. During my college time I was interested in movement. Artists like Vasarely, Agam and Riley were influencing my work. As I realised that I also had to consider my colour blindness, I began thinking about bringing systems into my way of working that could help me not think about which colour I needed. This led me to Morris Louis and I started looking for a way to let a technique make a painting.


What does my work aim to say?

In my figurative images I try to bring to the paintings, through the use of bold and strong colours, the feelings that I experienced in such scenes that really took place or what I feel when I observe such scenes.

In my abstract paintings I try to depict/interprete the scenes in my memories during my time as I delivered milk in the morning before I went to school in Glasgow, Scotland. The sun rises over the small hills in east Scotland and blazes away before it disappears behind the clouds. And during this time the sun gives the first energy to the woods, the forests, the flowers, the plants and the earth and they give back in return all the changing colours, amazing.


Some of my influences
I would say that Morris Louis has influenced me at the most because, through his technique,  he was able to control his images and at the same time allow for accidents in them. I also have to mention Monet and Turner.

My inspiration
Everything that I see, hear, read has an influence on me and that inspires me to work on this/that subject.